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Linux Foundation Connectivity

Linux Foundation Connectivity (LFC) is an open source project under the Linux Foundation focused on advancing technologies that will accelerate emerging network and connectivity applications.

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News: Linux Foundation Connectivity Portfolio Grows with ISP Toolbox and Magma Projects
  • Meta contributes ISP Toolbox to LFC, a set of business, network and marketing tools to empower ISP deployments
  • LFC now is home of Magma Project, enabling synergies across packet core and connectivity solutions
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Our Vision

LF Connectivity’s vision is to create a robust and sustainable open ecosystem that will enable a wide range of communication service providers to leverage open-source tools and technologies to help with the end-to-end performance and quality of experience (QoE) requirements of emerging applications.

The project launched with a rich set of software technologies developed by Meta and industry partners. Its aim is to seed a wider community of developers and companies to leverage those technologies and participate in other future projects within this community.

As an open source project umbrella, LF Connectivity will comprise a broad set of sub-projects within the connectivity space to address different challenges in high-bandwidth fixed and mobile networks.

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LF Connectivity Projects


Terragraph is a wireless technology that helps internet service providers deliver gigabit speed last-mile access to subscriber homes, enterprises and multi-dwelling buildings easily and cost-effectively.


Open M-Plane

Open M-Plane is a software component of Meta’s Evenstar hardware design for configuration and management of the RAN. It is interoperable, hardware-independent, and aligned with O-RAN specifications to help enable mobile wireless connectivity by providing flexibility to operators looking to source hardware from different vendors as they deploy their own RAN solutions.



Maveric enables the development and evaluation of cellular network optimization algorithms before their deployment on the network. It is a developer platform that leverages AI/ML approaches to provide realistic cellular network representations, as well as examples that demonstrate its use.



Magma is a next-generation packet core that delivers the latest innovations at a lower cost of ownership. Magma is an already vibrant Linux Foundation project with that was designed from the ground up to deliver flexibility and openness for the next generation of service providers including MNOs, ISPs and MSOs.


ISP Toolbox

ISP Toolbox empowers ISP operators with products, tools, and resources to better run their business. The project provides a suite of Business, Network and Marketing tools to give ISPs the power to build community.


Supporting Community

Technical Advisory Board

Hosted by the Linux Foundation

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